As Weary-Hearted As That Hollow Moon


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Just in case anybody wanted to see what Bruce does to bananas, his favorite treat.

May 7

This is Franklin, my betta fish. He’s kind of sick right now, and as such, I’m mostly just posting these in case he doesn’t survive the trip back “home” next Sunday so I have something of him on here.

Important things to know:

1) He’s an asshole and gets angry at me for the littlest things. But I still love him.

2) He’s in love with Jenny. He swims over to the side of his tank that faces my laptop and gets excited every time she posts a picture of herself. He only does that for her.

3) I tried to get a picture of him behind a pair of plastic googly eyes that Becky sent me in some random mail a while ago (they’re taped to the front of his tank in a spot he likes to hang out in) but he wouldn’t be still for 3 seconds so I could take the damn picture. You’ll just have take my word for it when I say that when he hangs out behind those eyes, it is hilarious.

4) I named him after Benjamin Franklin.

Mar 7

Getting mail

Pretty much makes any day better.

Especially when said mail is a complete surprise and comes from awesome people named Becky.

Day = made.