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Mar 4

The Westboro Baptist Church is no more a church than Church’s Fried Chicken is a church. It’s really just one pustulent family spewing perverted religious doctrine from their herpetic ass-like mouth holes who have somehow figured out how not to pay taxes.

- Jon Stewart

What’s the line between opinion and opinion journalism? When does America’s unwavering defense of Israel begin to compromise our unwavering defense of free speech? Does our media demonstrate a casual bias against the Arab world and the suffering of the Palestinians? These are the hard questions reporters must be asking themselves in the wake of Helen Thomas’ departure.

- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (6/9/10)

Jun 3

You know, whatever you may think of their respective leaderships - the Israelis or Hamas, whatever gods you pray to, or whatever direction you may pray to them in - if you can’t even look at Gaza, and agree that there is suffering there that needs to be alleviated, no matter who is to blame for it, then your heart is so dead, tourists flock there to float on their backs in it.

- JON STEWART, on Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer’s claim that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, on The Daily Show (via inothernews)

Jun 1


this is my friend/classmate’s gchat status right now. 

it’s funny in its own right, but even better remembering back when we were writing our class code of ethics in the beginning of the year.

there was a big debate regarding wording and whether or not to include the word “empathy” indicating that we vow to be empathetic medical students/ many of us the idea that this was under debate was not only surprising, but more than a little disturbing.

maybe they were watching a little too much glenn beck. maybe they thought by “empathetic doctors” they thought we meant “nazi doctors.” it all makes perfect sense now. silly me. 

Glenn Beck made more than $23 million last year. I wish I could make $23 million for saying that pretty much everything in the world today reminds of the Nazi Germany that I: a) wasn’t even alive to see; and b) barely have passable knowledge on the subject. Honestly.

Maybe Beck just loves the Nazi’s because they would have kept him alive in the search for Aryan perfection?